Kampo medicine

Ancient medicine guided by traditional wisdom and scientific approach

 to achieve the true health state: Resilience

Kampo medicine is a unique school of Chinese medicine practiced in Japan since A.D 600. Kampo formulas are prescribed to patients by 90% of MDs in Japan nowadays.

immune response

blood heath

fluid metabolism​

Kampo formula


Pain management

joint health

injury recovery

rmt massage

Muscle tension

stress release

deep relaxation

case studies

hormonal imbalance

K.D: Endometriosis

K.L: Acne

Y.S: P.C.O.S

S.D: Menopause

Immune health

C.J's Food allergy

D.R's Drug induced Hives

mental health

T.H's Insomnia and depression

A.B's Bi-polar

Diana | Retiree

I liked the peaceful atmosphere, the knowledge and efficient service Dalu offered, really going to the root of the matter, trying to find out the cause of all my pain. 

​Jesse | RMT

Dalu is my favourite RMT to be treated by. Being an RMT myself I have been treated by many massage therapists and Dalu by far is one of the best.

Tracy | CounsellorTITLE

Dalu has magic hands. His poor vision probably gives him extra-sensory perception in other areas (touch, listening). He has a great calming presence!

What people say


God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.


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