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Ancient medicine guided by traditional wisdom and scientific approach to achieve the true health state: Resilience

Kampo medicine is an oldest branch of Chinese Medicine practiced in Japan since A.D 600 and well kept today. Hundreds of therapeutic Kampo formulas have been researched and recognized by Japanese National Healthcare System. 90% of MDs in Japan have prescribed Kampo formulas to their patients.


my philosophy

Hi, My name is Dalu Wang. I help people who suffer from pain and illness with my holistic treatment. The goal of my treatment is to ease the suffering and regain the resilience in life.
For health, I value quality over quantity and numbers. I care more about how well you sleep than the number of your blood pressure. Not only because science has suggested good quality sleep (without sleeping pills) has a positive effect on regulating blood pressure [1] [2], but because of the principles I truly believe and follow according to Chinese Medicine: sleep is considered one of the most important metrics for our health along with digestion and waste elimination,regardless the main complaints presented to practioners. In this case, restoring the natural healthy sleep is the best way to regulate vascular health and blood pressure than drugs which only manipulate the numbers instead of dealing with underlying problems, thus still leaving patients vulnerable to other health challenges such as COVID-19. 

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blood heath

fluid metabolism​

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Pain management

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injury recovery

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Muscle tension

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hormonal imbalance

K.D's Endometriosis

K.L's Chronic Acne

Y.S's P.C.O.S

S.D's Menopause

Immune health

C.J's Food Allergy

D.R's Drug induced Hives

mental health

T.H's Insomnia and Depression

A.B's Bi-polar

Diana | Retiree

I liked the peaceful atmosphere, the knowledge and efficient service Dalu offered, really going to the root of the matter, trying to find out the cause of all my pain. 

​Jesse | RMT

Dalu is my favourite RMT to be treated by. Being an RMT myself I have been treated by many massage therapists and Dalu by far is one of the best.

Tracy | CounsellorTITLE

Dalu has magic hands. His poor vision probably gives him extra-sensory perception in other areas (touch, listening). He has a great calming presence!

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God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.


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