Treatment and Fee

All treatments can be claimed under most extended health plan with the except of the herbal formulas, contact your insurance company for details on specific treatments.

Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine

Acupuncture has been practiced to treat various diseases and symptoms for more than 2500 years and been accepted by the society as a priceless treasure. More and more studies have indicated that acupuncture is safe and effective in treating a wide range of diseases, especially the chronic pain diseases such as migraine, back and neck pain, hip/knee arthritis.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a  complete holistic medicine system that has been practiced for thousands of year and continuesly practiced in conjunction with western medicine in hospitlas and clinics in China, Japan and Korea. 

Fee Schedule


Initial consultation and treatment: $120 / 75mins

Acupuncture follow-up: $95 / 60mins, $75 / 45mins

Herbal medicine follow-up: $55 / 30mins 

Customized Herbal Formulas: $30-$70 per week . 

(Price varies by the dosage and the kinds of herbs.)

Registered Massage Therapy*
Relaxation Swedish Massage: $95  / 60mins, $135 / 90mins

Prenatal / Postnatal Massage: $95 / 60mins, $135 / 90mins

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage: $80 / 45mins, $100 / 60mins, $140 / 90mins

Theapeutic Massage with Acupuncture: $110 / 60mins, $150 / 90mins

Pediatric Massage (age of 4-12 ): $60 / 30mins

Deep-tissue Cupping therapy (add-pn): +$15

* prices are subject to hst.


Fibromyalgia | Auto-immune Disease | Allergy | Sciatica | Back and Neck Pain | Knee Pain | Frozen Shoulder | Rotator Cuff Injury | Carpal Tunnel | TMJ | Plantar Fasciitis | Headache | Migraine | Anxiety | IBS, Colitis and Crohn's | Insomnia | Arthiritis...
Treatment Plan
* How many sessions are needed to acheive desired result?
Every condition is different and there are many factors are involved. Generally the course of treatment depends on the nature of the condition and the overal health of the recipient. Usually clients feel relief after the first treatment and in acute cases can respond well within a few treatments. With chronic conditions the result can take up to 12 sessions to see lasting change.

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