Treatment and Fee


All treatments can be claimed under most extended health plan with the except of the herbal formulas, contact your insurance company for details on specific treatments.

Fish with Herbs

Kampo Herbal Medicine / Acupuncture


Kampo medicine (Herbal and Acupuncture treatment) has its unique diagnostic methods and strategy to identify the underlying problems and bring the body back to balanced states. 

Thorough health history intake and physical assessment including tongue, pulse and abdominal examination will be performed to assure the accurante diagnosis and best possible result.

The course of treatment varies according to a number of factors such as the nature of the conditions as well as patient's lifestyle, genetic makeup and constitutive health state. 

* Initial visit: $120 / 75 mins

* Follow-up visit:

$100 / 60 mins; $80 / 45mins

* Kampo (Chinese Herbal) Medicine:  Price varies based on ingredients.

Registered Massage Therapy
$110 / 60mins, $160 / 90mins (HST included)

Therapeutic Relaxation 

Prenatal / Postnatal

Tuina and Cupping.


Conditions can be helped

Pain Management | Weight Management | Arthritis | Fibromyalgia | Auto-immune Disease | Allergy | Sciatica | Back and Neck | Knee Pain | Frozen Shoulder | Rotator Cuff Injury | Carpal Tunnel | TMJ | Plantar Fasciitis | Headache | Migraine | Anxiety | IBS, Colitis and Crohn's | Insomnia | Sleep apnea | Dysmenorhhea | PCOS | Endometriosis | Menopause | Dogs and Cats 

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